Gain New Insights From Your Big Data

Big data helps organizations leapfrog their competition. Harness it to drive action:

  • Identify new opportunities, new products and services that meet customer needs
  • Reduce costs. Cut maintenance costs using predictive maintenance. Improve pricing strategies by analyzing consumer elasticity better
  • Make faster and better decisions
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase cross sales by using analytics that offer next-product-to-buy recommendations

Discover the Business Value of Your Big Data

We are partnering with leading vendors to build big data and analytics solutions.

Ensure that your big data and analytics initiatives align closely with strategic business goals that directly boost business value and speed time to insight. Groupware Technology will:

  • Provide solutions that describe, organize, integrate and govern data
  • Help you build, buy or outsource your big data and analytics solution
  • Enable analytics throughout your organization
  • Provide consulting, implementation and managed services towards
    • Strategy
    • Design
    • Development
    • Deployment
  • Deliver public cloud solutions

Big Data & Analytics Solutions

  • Machine data analytics
  • Data science platform
  • Predictive analytics/Deep learning/Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud platforms for analytics
  • Data integration tools
  • Data preparation software

Ready For Big Data to Impact Your Bottom Line?

We can help you put analytics into play for your organization.