Going Beyond Email Security with Barracuda Sentinel

Email communications is critical in business today. We use email for communicating with customers, sending proposals and conducting everyday business. Alarmingly, a new type of email attack is growing more and more each day.

The Next-Gen of Hackers
Social engineering attacks have become the means of virtually stealing customer and financial information about a business. Since these types of attacks are not the traditional hacker method of sending suspect links and attachments, they bypass traditional email defenses. Hackers are now using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and even company websites to formulate a plot to glean sensitive information and funds from businesses. Hackers simply look on social media sites, determine a target and start a conversation with those targets. Sometimes it’s as simple as impersonating a display name in an email, acting as an employee. Maybe the “employee” wants to change their direct deposit from payroll and are requesting the documents from someone in finance. If a payroll employee doesn’t recognize the invalid email address, they may process that request. Now the business has just been compromised and the hackers have received an employee’s payroll check.

To combat this type of attack, Barracuda has created a product specifically designed to stop it. Barracuda Sentinel’s Artificial Intelligence is a SaaS solution which can detect this type of email transaction. If Sentinel detects the request for a payroll change and it determines the email address is not within the domain, it will block it, notify the administrator and even notify payroll employees of the attempted attack.

Beware of Email Scams
Account takeover is another common issue when doing business with email. Have your end users ever received an email from “Microsoft” requesting their password be updated into a word doc? Have your users ever received an email from “UPS” asking to verify their password in a Dropbox doc? These types of emails are sent from hackers, trying to get access to your Office 365 email account. Once they have access, they set up inbox rules to forward critical financial information to themselves. They hope to gain account numbers, routing numbers and even ACH numbers to steal your money. Barracuda Sentinel can help. In the event of an account that is compromised, the admins will get an alert and with a very simple wizard, can remediate this attack. Anytime a rule change occurs in your environment, Barracuda Sentinel is there to make sure it’s legit and not some “hacker” compromising your email infrastructure.

Barracuda Sentinel’s Artificial Intelligence is always learning email patterns. It learns who is sending to who and who can send POs, credit card information and banking information. As it learns your environment, it starts to stop these types of attacks, making sure your business email is secure.

To learn more on how you can provide your organization with an extra layer beyond the gateway and for a complimentary email security check with Barracuda Sentinel, please feel free to contact: [email protected]


Dan Bryant is a Solutions Architect for the Applications Practice at Groupware.