Pure Accelerate Ushers in The Modern Data Experience

Simple, Seamless, Sustainable

“You know the potential of data.” “Not all data is created equal.” These were just a couple of the data-themed mottos from Pure Storage heading into its annual Accelerate conference, held this week in Austin, Texas. Accelerate, which began in 2016 with 1,500 attendees, has in three short years grown into a much anticipated event attracting 5,000+ participants and 130+ breakout sessions.

Pure is also celebrating a big milestone—its 10th anniversary. The company is truly a wildly successful tech story having gone in just a decade from being an all-flash array startup among many similar startups, to conquering the storage market as one of its biggest vendors and then extending its reach and innovation beyond just storage. As the company noted at last year’s Accelerate: “Storage is so 2017.”

In establishing itself as being more than just a storage company and in recognizing the value of data as a business asset, Pure has a vision as it enter its next decade, to define and set the “modern data experience.” What is this exactly? As outlined by CEO Charlie Giancarlo, the modern data experience has three components:

  • Storage needs to be simple and self-managing so that data can be automated
  • Data needs to be seamless with any protocol
  • Data must be sustainable

Pure’s goal is to help their customers achieve these pillars of the modern data experience and introduced numerous new products and capabilities at Accelerate that will allow organizations to use more of their data, while reducing the complexity and cost of managing the infrastructure behind the data.  


Capacity Optimized All-Flash Storage

Chief among Pure’s data announcements was FlashArray//C and one of our Top 3 tech announcement highlights coming out of Accelerate. Our engineering team at Accelerate were impressed by the launch of this cost-effective all-flash array for Tier 2 data applications. For IT leaders looking to consolidate large secondary workloads such as test/dev, disaster recovery, Tier 2 VMs, email, document management, data repositories, legal archives and more, FlashArray//C delivers modern, all-flash storage array at hybrid economics. Flash Array C will provide the same flash reliability but add two to four milliseconds of latency to make it a more affordable solution.

AI Data Hub

As a go-to solutions provider for AI and one of the early authorized partners for Pure and NVIDIA’s first complete AI-ready infrastructure AIRI, the Groupware team was also excited by the latest co-developed product from Pure and NVIDIA announced at Accelerate, the AI Data Hub. The purpose of AI Hub is to alleviate the data silos that hamper analytics and model development. Customers will be able to quickly deploy AI workloads by unifying data that was historically siloed in data warehouses, data lakes, AI clusters or software development platforms. Any innovation that helps break down barriers and challenges to working with AI, we give a thumbs up to.


It’s All in the Hybrid Cloud

Our team was also happy to see that Pure showed its intent to bring data management to a hybrid multi-cloud environment with two cloud products:

  • Cloud Block Store for AWS enables organizations to move applications and data to cloud using Pure’s software
  • CloudSnap for Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based backup solution that Pure is currently already offering for AWS


A Phenomenal Keynote

Now that we’ve gotten our Top 3 Accelerate tech announcements out of the way, let’s talk about a fantastic keynote that was also a big highlight for our team: the keynote of Leland Melvin.

Our team found this keynote to be particularly memorable and the unique life journey of this true trailblazer to be very inspiring. Leland Melvin is an engineer, an ex-NFL wide receiver and a retired NASA astronaut who had a role in the construction of the International Space Station as a member of the Space Shuttle Atlantis team—as he joked, “I did what every former NFL player does—I went to work for NASA.”  His diverse life experiences serve as an example that with determination and ambition, you can be limitless in what you strive to accomplish and parallels how we should see technology as opening limitless doors for how we can change and better the world. A blogger for Pure Storage even noted in her daily update that during Leland Melvin’s keynote, it was hard to take notes because he is such an engaging speaker. We agree, it was a captivating keynote.

Cheers to the Next Decade

As one of the most disruptive tech innovators of the last decade, Pure Storage did not disappoint our team with the path they laid out for their next decade at Accelerate 2019. Pure understands that data is the key to the future of businesses and that business success is hugely dependent on having a plan that efficiently and effectively utilizes data. As the company noted, Accelerate was “the place to be to get what you need to match technology to your business goals.” As a strategic partner, we look forward to working with Pure to achieve these goals for our customers far, far into the future.

By The Groupware Team