Walking in the Clouds at the 2nd Annual CloudLIVE Conference

With an eye towards solving the challenges of multicloud complexity, CloudHealth by VMware held its second annual CloudLIVE conference in Boston last week at the brand new Encore Casino Resort, drawing 600+ global cloud influencers and leaders.

The rapidly growing CloudHealth by VMware has more than doubled its customer roster (now at nearly 7,000 customers and counting) in the last year and manages $11.2 billion in cloud spends—all in all, quite a healthy indication that organizations are by and large turning to the cloud as well as turning to platforms such as Cloudhealth by VMware for optimizing their cloud environments.

This year’s iteration of CloudLIVE offered 40+ sessions with experts from leading cloud companies. There were also four track sessions covering:

  • Cost & resource optimization
  • Security & governance
  • Multicloud management
  • Managed service provider

Our Highlights

There were certainly highlights aplenty at the second annual CloudLIVE and our Top 5 were:

  • Well-Received Presentation. Our Senior Director of Cloud Optimization John McGivern and Cloud Systems Engineer Parker Stevens were among the featured speakers in the MSP track sessions. As a Premier Partner of CloudHealth by VMware, our team was excited to have the opportunity to do a presentation for the second year in a row. Their presentation: “Wash, Rinse, Repeat: How to Have a Clean Cloud Environment in Just 15 Minutes Per Week” received a turnout with lots of good questions at the end. We were thrilled to later find out that the Groupware presentation session had the most amount of pre-registrations on the CloudLIVE app of any of the breakout sessions!

  • Sanjay Poonen Keynote. There were various keynote speakers with great messages but the most immediate useful to us was given by VMWare COO Sanjay Poonen. He laid out in clear fashion why VMWare purchased CloudHealth a year ago and how it fits into the company vision. The bottom line is that VMWare wants to be cloud-agnostic and allow people to deploy multi-cloud and hybrid solutions in a seamless fashion with single point of management. CloudHealth will be a major player in this vision.

  • Certified Fresh! John McGivern received his CloudHealth Administrator – Azure certification while at the conference. CloudHealth currently has three levels of certifications and Groupware has been an early entrant for each one. Three members of our cloud optimization team are certified at all three levels and we also have an additional engineer as well as sales account manager who have certifications. CloudHealth has expressed to us their appreciation of our embracing of the certification process.

  • Project PI (Partner Insights.) This is a new CloudHealth offering that summarizes status and opportunities across our customer base and allows us to better target the customers most in need of optimization.  Groupware will be beta testing this product starting in October.

  • Fun and Games (literally.) No tech conference is without its share of parties and activities for attendees to wind down and have some fun. Besides the backdrop of the grandiose and behemoth new Encore Casino resort as the event venue, our team also had the opportunity to conclude our week by visiting a new customer in the VR gaming category—and in our visit, we certainly took advantage of checking out our customer’s product! We also had a great time at the CloudHealth party which coincided with a big birthday for John McGivern.


Looking Forward

We also appreciated all the opportunities to engage closely with CloudHealth’s partner executives and their recognition of our level of engagement, expertise and product knowledge. We remain a CloudHealth partner that is laser focused on cost control—significant because (and this is a stat that bears repeating): Gartner estimates that companies who have done little or no cloud cost optimization are overspending by as much as 70%. The value that a dedicated cloud cost optimization team like ours can provide to any organization who is struggling with managing their cloud costs is huge and we are looking forward to leveraging all the new knowledge and insights gained at CloudLIVE this year to further serve our customers!

The Cloud Optimization Team at Groupware Technology:  

John McGivern, Senior Director

Parker Stevens, Cloud Systems Engineer

Sarah Zimmerle, Associate Cloud Engineer