About Us

About Us

As a leading IT solutions provider since 1992, Groupware Technology specializes in data center infrastructure and cloud computing solutions, rack integration services and first call support. We understand that IT is an integral component of our customers’ enduring success. “We answer the call” is our mission and brand promise and drives every aspect of our business. We achieve our promise by delivering positive outcomes for our clients through excellent customer service, technology and teamwork. We strive to solve their business problems with solutions that reduce costs and complexity, increase flexibility and improve performance and competitiveness.

Our Vision

Our vision is “Creating Customers for Life,” which we aim to do by helping world-class companies achieve mission-critical objectives through our IT solutions.

Our Core Values

With an unofficial motto of “We work hard and play hard,” Groupware employees are passionate about their work and involved in the company. We are committed to our four core values of customer service, excellence, fun and giving back.

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