DGX Station



Taking Innovation Into Overdrive

The world’s most disruptive technology is driving innovation across all sectors and providing data-based models for better decision making, operational efficiency and improved customer service. Stay ahead of your competition by powering your business  to next-level success with transformative AI solutions.

We are an early launch partner of the following leading-edge AI infrastructure solutions:

  • Pure Storage AIRI
    The world’s first AI-ready infrastructure enables organizations to turn data into innovation and intelligence at an unprecedented pace


The Deep Learning Revolution

The world of computing is experiencing an incredible change. Deep learning is revolutionizing analytics and enabling practical applications of AI.


DGX Ready for Your Deep Learning Projects 

We are an Elite Partner with NVIDIA and the AI leader among solutions providers. Our numerous world-class customers who are among the leaders in their own industries, have deployed NVIDIA’s DGX enterprise-ready AI supercomputer for a variety of deep learning uses including:


  • Early detection of cancer
  • Financial fraud detection
  • Oil drilling operations
  • Web advertising
  • Robotic-assisted surgery and tools

Test Before You Invest – DGX Solutions In the Cloud

To ensure the DGX is right for your deep learning initiatives, we provide you with the ability to try your own data on one of our DGX systems as proof of concept. Get remote access to a DGX via our POC program where you can evaluate and benchmark results.