The Art of Cabling Can Save Your Data Center

Hot Mess “No problem, I’ve seen worse!” I often say to our customers as I visit their data center. It is a response to their embarrassment regarding how messy the cabling is in their racks, cabinets and runways. Proper cabling is more than just connecting two ports. A common term used for running cables is…

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Your Data Center MVP: Racks

June 27, 2019 – When selecting a case for our smart phones, we take into consideration color, size and level of protection. Sadly, many of us spend more time selecting a case for our phones than selecting a data center rack for our IT systems. Data center racks house and protect expensive equipment and the valuable…

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Advocating the Mission of Open19

July 28, 2017 – We are excited to be one of the first Open19 Foundation Members helping to lead and drive adoption of the Open19 platform. Open19 represents a new way of building data centers. The Open19 platform establishes a rack standard that can fit any 19” rack environment for servers, storage and networking. The…

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