Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization

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Stop Overspending on Cloud

According to numerous industry studies, companies are significantly overspending on cloud by as much as 70%. Improved visibility to better plan and manage their cloud can positively change the cost dynamic when coupled with a formal cloud optimization plan.

The Balancing Act

However, even with improved visibility, most companies are faced with a balancing act in allocating additional time and expertise to cloud optimization while also ensuring resources stay focused on core competencies and company objectives.

Groupware Has the Solution

Our team of Certified Cloud Optimization Specialists has helped customers across a variety of industries achieve an optimized cloud environment with measurably reduced costs. We give you the visibility needed to manage your environment by leveraging CloudHealth, an industry leading cloud service management platform. Our team and tailored solution become your eyes and ears, alerting you to opportunities so that you can focus on what is most important: your core business.

Proven Results

Our cloud optimization services have provided customers with:

Peace of Mind. We monitor your environment so you don’t have to. We deliver a brief, customized analysis of your environment each week so that you will never have any surprises when your monthly invoice arrives.

Cost Savings. We have proven results in helping customers measurably reduce their cloud spend through hygiene, rightsizing and pre-payment options. We provide continuous monitoring of cost reduction opportunities.

Trusted Advisor. We become your trusted advisor, comprehensively monitoring your environment to ensure that you understand your monthly invoice, have the business metrics you require and feel comfortable that your workload spends are optimized.

Customer Testimonials

Our customer successes speak for themselves:

“The Groupware cloud optimization team provided me with a great educational session on AWS Savings Plans and how they save significantly on AWS compute costs. The team has become a trusted advisor to IXLon optimizing our cloud spends.”

Eric McCrea—Senior Systems Administrator, IXL Learning

“Groupware’s extensive knowledge of AWS Savings Plans combined with the power of the CloudHealth platform enabled us to reduce our spend by over 15%.”

Lance Shinseki—Executive Director of IT, MyoKardia

“The Groupware team has been a tremendous help in optimizing our spending within AWS. Their assistance allows our teams to keep focused on building our product while knowing that we have support to keep things in tune.”

Ryan Scott—CTO, AiBUY, Inc.

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