CloudHealth’s First User Summit Draws Global Partners & Customers

 September 19, 2018  –  CloudHealth Technologies ushered in their inaugural cloud management user summit CloudHealth Connect18 last week with two days (September 12-13) of best practices, strategies and educational sessions from global cloud pioneers and thought leaders. With a goal of helping customers grow their businesses in the cloud while optimizing costs, the CloudHealth summit attracted over 200 partners and customers spanning a dozen countries to its Boston venue.

Our cloud optimization team were among the eager attendees who made the trek to Connect18. Among the notable announcement highlights during the two-day event for us included:


  • CloudHealth Acquisition by VMware. This is exciting news was also one of our highlights from the recent VMworld conference where the initial announcement was made two weeks ago. VMware’s acquisition of CloudHealth means that with the addition of VMware offerings from its current portfolio into the CloudHealth Suite of Services, CloudHealth is on its way to becoming the cloud operations platform of choice. Through VMware, enhanced security monitoring and alerting will also be routed through CloudHealth. This is a win-win for all of our customers who utilize CloudHealth to optimize their cloud platforms, to have an expanded solution package.


  • Roadmap. CloudHealth would like to be the “vCenter” of cloud infrastructure by 2020. The company is pushing to be the one-stop shop to help customers manage, secure and govern all of their cloud environments and cloud applications. By 2020, CloudHealth’s planned road maps shows applications to include AWS, GCP, Azure, VMware, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Office365 and a few other major cloud applications. CloudHealth is also interested in extending its third-party integrations, so more applications can import their data into the tool.


  • New User Interface & Advanced Reporting. CloudHealth is coming out with a new user interface. This UI is already available in beta to all its customers and users can switch over to the new UI by just changing a few things in their settings. The new UI expects to be out of beta by the end of this year. As part of the new UI, CloudHealth is also coming out with advanced reporting. This functionality will allow customers to build powerful custom reports that meet their needs much better than what CloudHealth currently offers.


  • Our team is 100% CloudHealth Certified. Coming out of the summit, Groupware Technology is the only CloudHealth partner whose cloud optimization team is 100% CloudHealth certified—our salesperson received his Administrative Associate certification at the summit and our team also has CloudHealth Platform Adminstrator Associate and Partner Platform Specialist certifications. We are thrilled to offer this level of technical expertise and be recognized by CloudHealth executives as a “Premier Partner” as our team was throughout the summit! Our deep expertise in cloud optimization means that our customers can put their utmost trust in us to put best practices and tools to use in optimizing their cloud experience.


Gartner estimates that companies who have done little or no cloud cost optimization are overspending by as much as 70%. CIO Journal noted in a recent article that a rush to the cloud for many organizations creates the risk of overspending. For larger companies, overestimating their cloud capacity can result in millions of lost dollars in their annual IT budget. Utilizing a platform like CloudHealth may be the difference between a frustrating cloud journey or a prosperous one. We are excited post-summit, to see the path that we can forge with our customers and CloudHealth to put them on a prosperous journey that sees their businesses being positively impacted with cloud transformation.


The Groupware Cloud Optimization team.