CloudPhysics VMware Infrastructure Assessment

CloudPhysics VMware
Infrastructure Assessment


Give Your Infrastructure a Vital Checkup

The Virtualization Infrastructure Assessment, powered by Groupware partner CloudPhysics, brings the tools, expertise and infrastructure needed to scope your virtual infrastructure, examine configurations and compatibilities, predict potential problems and discover opportunities for greater efficiency. Your infrastructure is also benchmarked against an identity-protected global data set of thousands of other organizations and VMware best practices. All of this is provided without disrupting your data center operations or consuming cycles from your IT team. The VMware Infrastructure Assessment includes:

  • Custom analysis of your VMware infrastructure across one or more data centers
  • Identification of immediate cost savings through increased space efficiency
  • Detailed inventory of your entire population of VMs, servers, and PCI devices, highlighting assets that are obsolete and/or need updating
    Identification of operational hazards that pose risk to your infrastructure

Information is power but how you use that information to gain insights in your infrastructure is critical. Let us help you better understand your virtual environment and discover how you can get more out of it.

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