Customers Demand Flexible IT Infrastructure and Multicloud Support

February 1, 2018 – Groupware Technology has been supporting our customers’ cloud infrastructures for over five years. As many partners and manufacturers initially saw public cloud as a threat, Groupware embraced it. Through our cloud assessments and workshops, we offer tailored one-to-one consulting engagements to help customers get their first cloud workload up and running on a public cloud service or expand their cloud strategy by helping them with additional cloud workloads. Cloud consumption, and the learning curve that goes along with it, impacts many parts of an organization as often the owner of the new application or workload destined for a cloud service is an entirely new part of the organization.  These owners are typically under pressure to deliver the business need in an accelerated time frame, while having to maintain business compliance.

In December, Groupware launched our cloud optimization service. This offering is focused on helping customers maintain their ongoing cloud strategy and manage aspects of their cloud infrastructure. Customers know their business better than anyone and Groupware’s cloud optimization service helps take some of the complexity out of the equation. As customers require a true multicloud strategy, our cloud optimization service will be even more critical, and we are committed to ongoing investment in this area.

We are excited to see Cisco continue to make large investments in their cloud strategy by partnering with the top cloud providers. This approach aligns with the Groupware strategy and vision and at the top of our partnership pyramid you will find Cisco and our strategic cloud providers.



Groupware’s foundational strategies all stem from customer satisfaction. Our vision is Creating Customers for Life. It is our customers that have the largest impact on what we do, and our cloud strategy is a direct result of customer feedback and market demand.


Cisco’s recent cloud announcements are very encouraging.  Yesterday, the Cisco Container Platform (CCP) was announced.  CCP is Cisco’s enterprise container management platform for deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters backed by their world class support.   With CCP, Cisco and Google Cloud are clearly moving to enable customers to achieve their true multicloud in an open and production grade solution.  Last week, Cisco also announced HyperFlex 3.0 and innovations and optimizations with Google Cloud for CCP to be pre-integrated for cloud-native workloads.  These new offers from Cisco will accelerate enterprise customer adoption of Kubernetes for workload freedom and open hybrid infrastructures.

If you look at this evolution from a historical perspective, it makes perfect sense for Cisco to evolve their cloud strategy in this manner. As a leading Data Center provider Cisco initially had to support multiple operating systems.

As server virtualization became standard, Cisco had to support multiple hypervisors. Then the network became more and more software-defined. Now the trend is hyper-converged, hybrid and multicloud.

As a partner of both Cisco and Google Cloud, we’re excited to see the deep collaboration and innovation thus enabling our customers to be able to more seamlessly run workloads on premise or in public cloud based on their business requirements, and without cloud lock-in.  We are looking forward to getting more details on the Cisco and Google Cloud joint roadmap and future joint multicloud innovations. Simple IT is a vision that Cisco has been talking about for a while. If that vision can be extended and realized in a multicloud environment, it will be a game changer for our customers.


Steve Rogers is Groupware Technology’s Vice President of Solutions & Alliances.