End Of Support Assessment

End of Support Assessment

A Vital Review of Your End of Support VMs

VM sprawl creates many headaches in not knowing exactly what is running in your virtual infrastructure. When it comes time for products going end of support like SQL 2008/R2 (end of support: July 9, 2019) and Windows 2008/R2 (end of support: January 14, 2020) it is imperative that you know how much of your environment is comprised by these dated apps and OSs to ensure your security posture is at a maximum lockdown.

Groupware will help you identify these VMs with our complimentary assessment, which includes:

  • Identification of SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 servers
  • Identification of Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 servers
  • Cost analysis of leaving the servers OnPrem
  • Cost analysis of moving the workloads to Azure, AWS or GCP

Our partnership with CloudPhysics allows us to assess and identify your worldwide enterprise and not just a specific datacenter or location. We take a holistic perspective of your entire environment to provide you with a global view of your security shortcomings.

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