Google Cloud Infrastructure

What’s New with Google Cloud Infrastructure

From the Google Cloud Next OnAir weekly series, there are several new updates around Infrastructure that are noteworthy to share.

More and more customers are deploying mission critical workloads on Google Cloud every day. Three key selling points are security, pricing and scale. All data in transit, at rest and between data centers, is encrypted by default. Google offers a pricing structure that is simplified, easy to understand and very competitive with other providers. Lastly, Google operates their own private network offering global reach with high performance in 24 regions around the world. Google continues to invest in their global network by launching four new regions to-date (Salt Lake City, Seoul, Las Vegas and Jakarta) with nine additional regions announced. Three areas of focus this week include:

What’s New with Google Cloud Compute and Storage

E2 cost-optimized machine types – general-purpose machine types offering the best price-performance ratio for several workloads

  • Shared core used for running small, non-resource intensive applications
  • Supports predefined and custom machine types
  • Does not support local SSDs or GPUs and do not offer sustained-use discounts

Persistent Disk – block storage, tailoring storage needs to workloads

  • Balance PD – best price per GB and suitable for most enterprise applications
  • Performance PD – best price per IOPS for performance sensitive workloads such as databases
  • Extreme PD (in Preview) – highest performance workloads such as SAP HANA

Filestore High Scale (in Beta) – high-performance scale out file system to support electronic design automation, video processing, genomics and financial modeling

  • Elastifile technology
  • Shared file system with hundreds of thousands of IOPS, 10s GB/s of throughput at a scale of 100s of TBs

RAMP (New) – Rapid Assessment & Migration Program

  • Easily migrate on-prem application and infrastructure
  • Holistic migration program providing a clear path to success in the cloud
  • Offers end-to-end migration guidance, toolsets, training, incentive to offset migration costs

Google Cloud VMware Engine – VMware SDDC on top of Google Cloud infrastructure

  • Seamlessly migrate existing VMware-based applications to Google Cloud without refactoring
  • Available today in us-east4 and us-west2 regions with more to come online later this year
  • Access to innovation while maintaining the same tooling

Premium Support – suitable for Enterprise workloads

  • 15-minute response times
  • Operational health reviews
  • Third-party technology support

Migrate for Compute Engine – Windows Server 2008 R2 has reach End of Support (EOS)

  • Migrate and replatform to Windows Server 2012
  • Support for physical and virtual servers, on-prem, in AWS or Azure
  • Reduce risks, cut costs, save time


What’s New with Google Cloud Networking and Security

Cloud CDN – now supports serving content from on-premises and other cloud providers

Private Service Connect (in Preview) – lets business connect to Google Cloud services or third-party SaaS applications while keeping network traffic private and secure

Service Directory (Beta) – single pane of glass to publish and connect services simplifying management of hybrid and multi-cloud service at scale

Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud – turn-key networking solution to securely bridge applications to networks across multiple clouds

  • On-demand provisioning and bandwidth autoscaling
  • Seamlessly extend and tend to enterprise applications with predictable application performance
  • Deliver context-aware and identity-based security management

Hierarchical Firewall (Beta) – consistent protection across the entire organization at the Org and folder level

Packet Mirroring – collect and inspect network traffic, integrates with third-party tools

Cloud Armor Managed Protection (Beta) – enterprise grade DDoS protection on-prem or in the cloud with multiple service tiers


What’s New with Google Cloud Intelligent Management

Network Intelligence Center has two new modules

  • Firewall Insights (Beta) – brings intelligence and proactive management to network security
  • Performance Dashboard – real-time network performance visibility into packet loss and latency at the project level

Active Assist (New) – uses ML, automation and intelligence to make cloud administration easier

  • Identify issues
  • Prevent mistakes
  • Make improvements

Patch Management – protect running VMs against defects and vulnerabilities

  • Patch compliance reporting
  • Patch deployment

It is estimated that around 90% of organizations are currently in the cloud. Experts say 60% of workloads were running on a hosted cloud service in 2019, up from 45% in 2018. Groupware has the expertise to help organizations with any of their cloud challenges. Connect with us today to learn more.

Daryl Harrington is Groupware’s Director of Cloud Solutions