Google Kicks off One-of-a-Kind Digital Event Series

Google Kicks off One-of-a-Kind Digital Event Series

Yesterday, Google kicked off their Google Cloud Next digital event. The event runs from July 14-Sept 8 with a first of its kind Nine Week Digital Event series. There will be several keynote presentations and breakout sessions sharing a wealth of news and updates over the coming weeks, as well as learning and development sessions, digital demos and a 1:1 with Google experts for those looking to get some guidance.

COVID-19 has changed how we live our lives, how we work and how we learn. Organizations all over the world are having to evolve and adapt to this new way of life.  People have moved from brick and mortar shopping to online shopping. Children all over the world are having to learn in a different way. Although this pandemic has created a lot of turmoil in our daily routines, we have gained a better understanding of the challenges we are faced with and how we need to be prepared for such future events. Many organizations were not prepared for such a disruption.

Now more than ever customers are turning to the cloud to help transform their businesses in order to survive. Organizations are being pressured to re-evaluate their modernization strategies and timelines are being moved up. Tools and processes are being reviewed to improve how we work and remain efficient in a cost-effective manner. Remote work has become a new way of life for many organizations and will likely continue for an indefinite time. As technologists, it is our duty to step up and provide these services and support to the greater population all over the world. We need to make it easy for employees to seamlessly transition from the workplace to any remote location while thwarting off cyberthreats. We need to ensure that our future leaders of tomorrow are not held back by any limitations that prohibit them from learning. Businesses need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

One of the more interesting announcements yesterday was BigQuery Omni. BigQuery Omni is a flexible, multi-cloud analytics solution that allows you to securely access and analyze data across Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure (coming soon), without ever leaving the BigQuery UI. The cost of moving data between cloud providers is not cheap and can be difficult for many organizations. BigQuery Omni provides a new way to approach analyzing your data in multiple clouds. This is made possible by decoupling compute and storage and allows you to have the query results returned to the BigQuery UI or to export them back to where your data is stored. The acquisition of Looker provides for visualization. The service is currently in private alpha.

Over the next several weeks, take time to learn how Google is addressing some of these challenges at their Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir series. If there was ever a time where we all need to come together, it’s now. Industries need to come together to build a safe and more productive world for tomorrow. Connect, collaborate and get inspired.

Work is not defined by a physical space. – Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet

Daryl Harrington is Groupware’s Director of Cloud Solutions