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Groupware Technology Announces Cloud Optimization Services

Campbell, CA (March 6, 2018) – Groupware Technology, a leading IT solutions provider, has announced the roll out of a managed services offering focused on cloud optimization.

Many organizations deploy in the cloud and then start receiving monthly invoices that are significantly higher than what they expected or had budgeted. In addition, deciphering the contents of the invoice can be very challenging. This leads many organizations to slow down their cloud adoption until they can get a real understanding of what is in the bill and how it relates to their business units. They may continue to incur significant monthly expenses that are neither budgeted nor completely understood.

At this point, the organization must either dedicate valuable internal resources or hire outside expertise to gain operational insights into their monthly invoices. Without these insights, organizations are forced to slow down their journey to the cloud, which limits their ability to innovate. Furthermore, if they do not focus on cost optimization, businesses could be overspending on cloud costs by more than 70%, according to the analyst firm Gartner.

With the cloud optimization service offering, Groupware Technology’s team of certified professionals can help customers gain control of their environment and eliminate wasteful spend through best practices and cost optimization. Utilizing CloudHealth Technologies’ service management platform, customers are provided with detailed analysis, integrated reporting and governance.

“Our partnership with CloudHealth Technologies allows us as trusted advisors, to provide our customers with intelligent insights and guidance around cost management and optimization,” stated Daryl Harrington, Groupware’s Practice Manager for Cloud Solutions. “Customers need a solution they can trust that offers greater visibility into their usage while increasing business efficiency through policy and automation.”

Continued Harrington, “Whether an organization is taking its first steps along its cloud journey or are looking to maximize its return on your cloud investments, our cloud optimization managed services can help drive business growth without compromising security, compliance and governance.”

On March 15, Groupware Technology and CloudHealth Technologies will have a cloud optimization information session at Il Fornaio in San Francisco. Attendees will gain valuable insights from speakers on how to manage cloud costs. For additional details and registration information, visit:


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