Groupware Technology Offers CloudPhysics’ Private and Public Cloud Assessment to Help Customers Plan the Most Cost-Efficient Cloud Migration Strategy

Groupware customers can now quickly rightsize existing workload resources to optimize their private cloud environment and determine the Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure instances that best fit their workloads


Campbell, CA– May 23, 2017 – Groupware Technology today announced its partnership with CloudPhysics to deliver services engagements for customers seeking to evaluate cloud migration options. CloudPhysics’ Private and Public Cloud Assessment provides accurate planning for migration strategies to all major cloud providers. It also enables the quick rightsizing of on-premises workloads, saving costs by fitting storage, memory and CPU provisioning accurately to usage demands.

Failure to rightsize before migrating is a major cause of wasted funds in the data center. For various reasons, many VMs are configured for large amounts of resources that they may once have needed, but no longer use. Without rightsizing to bring those VMs’ resource footprints into line with utilization, a company may base its purchase of public cloud instances on inaccurate figures. This can make migration far more expensive—or even negate the cost benefits of migration altogether.

CloudPhysics uses customized analytics and cost calculators with the most sophisticated tools available to quickly optimize workloads—both workloads to be migrated to the cloud, and those that remain on premises.

“We are extremely excited about including the CloudPhysics platform in our customer engagement process,” said Ed Horley, Groupware’s Vice President of Engineering. “With the combination of CloudPhysics’ powerful analytics platform and Groupware’s technical expertise, we are able to activate, analyze, optimize, plan and execute in days, as opposed to months, and deliver the best outcome for our customers. CloudPhysics’ quick, accurate rightsizing capabilities give our customers a phenomenal advantage when it comes to planning and designing the smartest cloud migration strategy.”

Users have consistently praised the speed and simplicity of the CloudPhysics assessment solution. All that is needed to obtain key rightsizing information is to download and activate the CloudPhysics virtual appliance, which takes less than 10 minutes. CloudPhysics then collects performance metadata at the most granular collection intervals on the market. CloudPhysics’ analytic capabilities enable Groupware customers to accurately choose those resources necessary to support their workloads. The path to the most cost-effective VM configurations becomes clear.

“Partnering with Groupware aligns with our channel strategy to combine our data platform with industry-leading technology expertise such as theirs to mitigate time, resources, cost and effort on behalf of customers,” said Mark Spurlock, CloudPhysics’ Vice President of Sales and Alliances. “We believe Groupware’s focus on delivering exceptional customer value is a great addition to the growing partner ecosystem.”

“With more than 500 technical resources leveraging the CloudPhysics platform today, we are enabling faster and more meaningful customer engagements as organizations continue to assess their readiness for the cloud,” continued Spurlock. “We’re proud that Groupware entrusts us with helping its customers realize the highest value from their cloud migration, as well as from their on-premises workload contingent.”

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