Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services

Cloud computing unlocks new efficiencies and drives innovation. However, many organizations face constraints that limit their ability to go all in on public cloud. Whether it’s based on compliance requirements or the concern over control of resources, organizations need alternative models. To meet the need, organizations are adopting hybrid cloud models. Hybrid cloud is becoming increasing more popular among many organizations. Some of the benefits that customers achieve with hybrid cloud are:

Agility/scalability — This is the primary benefit of hybrid cloud—it allows organizations to combine public clouds, private clouds and on-premises resources to gain the agility they need for a competitive advantage.

Flexibility — Businesses do not have to compromise and adhere to a singular model. With the availability of both private and public cloud deployment, they can pick and mix, customize and choose the option that best fits their particular business need. Instead of one size fits all, they get the best of both worlds.

Security — Businesses have more security control over their mission-critical data. With hybrid cloud, you can decide which application and services can remain in the public cloud and which should be private.

Cost Optimization — One of the biggest issues that organizations have with cloud is cost management. A hybrid cloud solution enables businesses to decide whether they will be on a CAPEX or OPEX model and thus respond to their business needs accordingly.

When making the decision to implement a hybrid cloud, chose a partner who brings deep expertise around the data center and cloud.

Are You Looking for a Flexible Cloud Platform?


Offering a truly consistent hybrid experience, AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that offers the same AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs and tools to virtually any datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises. It is ideal for workloads that require low latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing, data residency and migration of applications with local system interdependencies.

AWS compute, storage, database, and other services run locally on Outposts. The full range of AWS services are available in the region to build, manage and scale on-premises applications using familiar AWS services and tools.

AWS Outposts offer the following:

  • Low latency compute
  • Local data processing
  • Data residency
  • Migration and modernization

Drive innovation anywhere. Extend Azure services and capabilities to your environment of choice—from the datacenter to edge locations and remote offices. With Azure Stack portfolio solutions, organizations can deploy and run hybrid and edge computing apps consistently across their IT ecosystems, with flexibility for diverse workloads.

Azure Stack portfolio provides customers choice and flexibility based on their solution needs from consistent hybrid cloud on-premises with Azure Stack Hub that can be connected or disconnected from public cloud, to high-performance virtualization on-premises with Azure Stack HCI or an Azure managed appliance that provides intelligent compute and AI at the edge with Azure Stack Edge.

Azure Stack offers the following:

  • Legacy applications can be modernized
  • Applications can be developed once and deployed in Azure or Azure Stack to meet regulatory or compliance requirements
  • Support for a broad range of open source technologies
  • Common DevOps experience using familiar tools

Google Cloud’s answer for hybrid cloud is Anthos. As an enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud platform, Anthos enables organizations to have scalability, flexibility and global reach. At the heart of Anthos is open source technology, as it is built on the foundation of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the managed containers as a service offering on Google Cloud Platform.

As an application modernization platform, the benefits of Anthos include:

  • Enables developers to build, deploy and manage applications anywhere securely and faster
  • No lock-in, Flexibility to run workloads on third-party clouds
  • Automates deployment of applications on to any infrastructure
  • Automatically updates with the latest feature updates and security patches

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