The Collaboration Challenge

Collaboration Solutions to Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Is Your Business Connecting and Communicating Effectively with Teams and Customers?


The Collaboration Challenge

In today’s digital culture, collaborating across technological and organizational boundaries (borders) is key to achieving and exceeding desired business outcomes.

There are two collaboration segments:

  • Customer collaboration (B2B & B2C)
  • Enterprise collaboration

In the current collaboration environment, there are several legacy vendors who are challenged by the inclusion of different collaboration technologies within multiple different solutions. Businesses are surveying the current landscape and finding that no one vendor has a mature road map, let alone solution set, to take them from their current investment (which is increasingly becoming end of support) into the future of digital collaboration.

Why Groupware

Groupware is focused on the future of digital collaboration (next generation collaboration.) Our mission is to assist our customers in building a collaboration roadmap from where they are today to the digital workplace era with a strategy to achieve their desired outcomes for all types of internal and external interactions. That may mean assisting our customers to make their investments in disparate legacy technologies work together or to provide them with a roadmap to cloud/SaaS collaboration tools that are easy to manage and integrate key business workflows into.

Deep Collaboration Experience

Groupware is keenly aware of the challenges around the customer/experience/journey and the siloed nature of current technology solutions that limit or complicate the ease of interactions. We bring extensive (25+ years) consulting experience with various collaboration technologies. We help our clients navigate the wide variety of collaboration solutions available and select those that provide an integrated path to reach our customers’ individual desired business outcomes in the digital era:

  • Voice, video and conference room services
  • Software communication solutions
  • Cloud-centric collaboration and SaaS options

Our Collaboration Services

Collaboration services

  • Fully deployed, plug and play collaboration software-as-a-service options
  • Global logistics and support

Collaboration solutions

  • Next generation collaboration design and implementation
  • Systems integration for customer experience solutions
  • SaaS collaboration solutions
  • Hybrid solutions

Customer journey mapping

Enterprise behavioral analytics

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