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The choice to utilize GroupWatch Support will help maximize your support investments and reduce the amount of time your administrators spend managing support. With our resources committed to the most efficient resolution of your support cases, your systems are back in production sooner leading to increased ROI and efficiency of your data center operations.

Protect your infrastructure and maximize your support investments with GroupWatch; you will benefit from our engineering team’s breadth of expertise, which spans the data center. At a competitive price, we can extend the life of equipment beyond the OEM support life cycle. Additionally, our support is customizable and you have the option to engage our support team for one or many of your most critical product lines.

Reduce downtime on mission-critical systems.

Single point of contact for multi-vendor support.

Improve decision making with case management tools and customized reports.

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Why GroupWatch IT Support

  • Single point of contact for multi-vendor support
  • Global support network and knowledge of vendor support procedures
  • Broad data center expertise and priority access to our professional services team
  • Customized support packages to ensure you are only paying for the services you need
  • Faster support resolution resulting from our expertise with vendor support procedures
  • Case management tools and custom reports available 7x24x365

Support Services

  • Traditional Hardware Support
  • EOSL Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Account Management/Service Coordination
  • Upgrades and Moves

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