DGX-1 POC Program

DGX-1 POC Program

NVIDIA’s AI Supercomputer is Right at Your Fingertips!

Test Before You Invest

Groupware is a go-to solutions provider for DGX-1 loaner access. Benefits of our exclusive program include:

  • Remote POC sessions available with VPN access
  • Competitive rates
  • Up to 8 GPUs per user (or GPUs can be divided among users)
  • Access to multiple deep learning platform containers
  • Test before you invest—get the results you expect before spending the money
  • GPU based hardware/software POC in our lab



Inspired by the demands of deep learning and analytics, NVIDIA’s DGX Systems are built on its new Volta platform, the world’s most powerful GPU computing architecture. NVIDIA’s DGX Systems are designed to give data scientists the most powerful tools for AI exploration, delivering groundbreaking performance and results. Get faster training, larger models and more accurate results.   Features/highlights of the DGX-1 supercomputer:

  • Most common deep learning frameworks specifically optimized for NVIDIA DGX-1 are available as containers
  • Simplifies portability with NVIDIA Docker containers
  • The power to run multiple frameworks at once
  • DGX-1 with 8 x V100 NVLink delivers 96X faster training
  • NVIDIA NVLink high-speed interconnect delivers five times more GPU-to-GPU bandwidth
  • Cuts infrastructure footprint by 250X and reduces cost by 20X
  • Fastest path to deep learning
  • Turns huge amounts of data into business knowledge
  • Reduces deep learning training time
  • Vast amounts of data can be analyzed and visualized
  • Accelerates deep learning frameworks
  • Designs more sophisticated neural networks

3+/- Day POC Program with Competitive Pricing


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