Palo Alto Networks Security Lifestyle Review Assessment

Palo Alto Networks Security
Lifestyle Review Assessment


Is Your Network Security Really “Secure”?

An SLR is essential to help your customers understand their cybersecurity structure. It will show URL traffic, content types and all potential threats on your network—known and unknown, and those linked to user behavior.

An SLR assessment will reveal:

  • Which applications are in use, and the potential risks to exposure
  • Specific details on ways adversaries are attempting to breach your network
  • Key areas to focus on to reduce your customers’ risk exposure

When network security is breached, many companies scrabble around for answers. By then it’s often too late and the damage has been done. It can be devastating: It’s estimated that 60% of small and medium businesses that experience a data breach go out of business after 6 months. Be proactive to alleviate the threat of a security breach by getting an SLR assessment today.

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