Powering Deep Learning with NetApp ONTAP AI


August 27, 2018 — AI may be the most disruptive technology of the next decade, driving innovation across all sectors and changing the way we work and live. AI can be applied for virtually anything from buying groceries to oil drilling to driverless cars to the ultimate—saving lives.

Organizations are rushing to get on board the train with significant investments in AI. IDC forecasts that the global market for cognitive and AI systems will jump from $7.9 billion last year to $46.3 billion by 2020.

But as organizations are eager to apply artificial intelligence to transform their companies and drive business value, they often find that they do not have the infrastructure needed to optimize their data pipeline for AI projects and scale their operations and workflows to create the business impact they are hoping for. To truly be effective in their AI applications, organizations need to have visibility into and control of their data.

Enter NetApp, which earlier this month introduced the NetApp ONTAP AI proven architecture. Powered by NVIDIA’s DGX and NetApp’s all-flash storage, ONTAP AI promises to deliver accelerated access to data with the scale and speed that artificial intelligence demands. With a supercharged configuration of GPU computing, storage and networking, ONTAP AI will essentially give organizations more control of their data and enable them to implement complete, current and accessible data for their AI projects.

Groupware Technology is proud to be a early partner of ONTAP AI and offer it to our customers to help them get their AI infrastructures off the ground to drive their deep learning projects and accelerate business value. Our customers tell us that they seek an AI solution that enables them to start small and grow, and that’s precisely what ONTAP AI does. Our customers can now deploy a powerful, highly available deep learning configuration with the headroom to grow with their needs.

According to NVIDIA Vice President and General Manager Jim McHugh, ONTAP AI partners “have the AI expertise and enterprise-grade support needed”  to keep their customers’ AI productivity humming. That we do, that we do! And we are excited to have a leading role in introducing this solution to our many customers, among them ones who are saving lives and changing the world.


Manohar Vellala is Groupware Technology’s Practice Manager for Data & AI.