Pure Storage: Delivering on AI Innovation


March 27, 2018 – Global IT spending is projected to hit $3.7 trillion this year, an increase of 4.5 percent from 2017, according to a recent forecast by Gartner. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key big drivers of this current IT growth as well as in the next few years. In a recent news release (, Gartner research vice president John David Lovelock estimates a tidy $2.9 trillion in new business value attributed to AI by 2021. According to Lovelock: “That business value is attributable to using AI to for example, to drive efficiency gains, create insights that personalize the customer experience, entice engagement and commerce and aid in expanding revenue-generating opportunities as part of new business models driven by the insights from data.”

As AI continues to prove its business value and explode across all industries and sectors, storage will continue to be an important component supporting AI. The transformational element of AI and machine learning technologies is undeniable, but it comes with a gargantuan appetite for data storage as these technologies consume huge quantities of data capacity.

This is where Pure Storage comes in. This enterprise data flash storage company has been on point in delivering on storage innovations such as “self-driving storage” that support AI projects and products. And in collaboration with its partner NVIDIA, Pure has enabled enterprises to harness the power of AI, which will impact globally how we work, live, communicate and even commute. A recent joint customer of the two companies for instance, deployed an AI infrastructure built with NVIDIA’s DGX-1 AI supercomputer and Pure’s FlashBlade that will enable them to deliver fully-autonomous driving solutions in the next five years.

Now comes the newest and latest breakthrough for Pure and NVIDIA and its unveiling at the GPU Technology Conference: the first complete AI-ready infrastructure, called AIRI. Architected by Pure and NVIDIA to extend the power of NVIDIA’s DGX systems, this infrastructure innovation will enable AI-at-scale for every enterprise.

Among its customer benefits are:

  • It’s fast. Delivering the performance of tens of racks of legacy, do-it-yourself technologies in less than one-fourth of a rack. The fully integrated platform offers scale-out deep learning out of the box, with time-to-insight in hours rather than days or weeks.
  • It’s seamless. The infrastructure enables seamless scaling for both GPU servers and storage systems.
  • It’s easy. The entire stack is configured and tested as a complete solution, avoiding the intricate configuration and tuning required otherwise.
  • It’s simple. NVIDIA GPU Cloud Deep Learning Software offers optimized software for AI workloads, while Pure’s toolkit enables multi-node training from day one.
  • It’s future-proof. Offering a rack-scale architecture as customers’ AI needs grow.

Groupware Technology is an authorized AIRI partner for Pure and NVIDIA’s first complete AI-ready infrastructure. The infrastructure is a viable solution to consider across the organizational chain for:

  • Line of Business Executives—who care about faster time to market
  • IT Managers­—who care about simplicity and cost
  • Data Architects—who care about impact to business and IT
  • Data Scientists —who don’t want to slow down and don’t want to deal with infrastructure

Representatives from Groupware Technology will be at booth # 623 at the GPU Technology Conference to offer insights about how organizations can integrate the AI-ready infrastructure into their businesses and how to implement a sound AI strategy to help achieve company objectives.

Groupware Technology is also the only Northern California partner offering a rental access program to NVIDIA’s DGX-1 which is supported by Pure’s FlashBlade for big data workloads. Additionally, in conjunction with Pure and NVIDIA, we are hosting AI information events on April 11 in San Jose, CA and April 18 in Phoenix, AZ.


Manohar Vellala is Groupware Technology’s Data Practice Manager.