re:Invent 2018—When Cloud Takes Over Las Vegas


December 3, 2018 — The past week in Vegas was all about the world’s largest cloud computing conference, AWS re:Invent. An estimated 60,000 attendees flocked to Vegas for this annual cloudfest, now in its seventh year. Talk about taking over Las Vegas! With all the various keynotes, thousands of sessions, workshops, a hackathon program and of course parties, re:Invent spread across seven venues including the ARIA, Bellagio, Encore, MGM Grand, Mirage, Vdara and The Venetian.

Re:Invent 2018 didn’t fail to disappoint with big news either. In the world of cloud where AWS is a dominant player, major announcements about new products, enhancements and partnerships were aplenty. From among a plethora of new offerings, here were five in particular that were highlights for me:


  • AWS Outposts. With AWS Outposts, the cloud giant is bringing cloud hardware on premises by launching its own data center hardware. AWS Outposts is made up of configurable compute and storage racks. As a fully managed platform, it will enable customers to run compute and storage on premise and connect to the rest of AWS cloud. Outposts will have two options: 1) VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts will use the VMware control panel 2) a AWS native platform will enable customers to run compute and storage on premises using the same AWS APIs used in the AWS cloud.


  • Glacier Deep Archive. This new AWS storage service is intended for deep archival of data that is only needed very infrequently but can’t be deleted. Deep Archive is an extension of the existing Glacier service, but comes at a far lower price at $0.00099 per gigabyte per month, making it the most inexpensive way of storing data in the cloud.


  • Cohesity New Backup Solutions. Cohesity announced the launch of a range of new solutions powered by AWS. The solutions will empower customers to bring together cloud-native backups, full lifecyle disaster recovery and long-term data retention on a single easy to use platform.


  • New AWS Security Hub. This new hub will centrally manage security and compliance across an AWS environment. Additionally it will aggregate alerts, summarize prioritized issues and automate compliance checks to detect deviations against industry standards. It will provide support for native services as well as third party ecosystems.


  • New Amazon Forecast. It has never been easier, faster and more cost effective for builders to build, train and deploy machine models than it is today. Amazon Forecast is a fully manage, accurate time-series forecasting service, based on the same technology used at No machine learning experience is required. Businesses can use it to generate predictions on time-series data to estimate numbers such as operational and business metrics, resource requirements and retail demand.


Again, these are just a few among many highlights from re:Invent—I have pages and pages of notes of notable new product and solutions announcements. AWS gets big kudos from me overall this year for taking initiatives in making cloud more accessible, lowering costs on its platform and expanding their AI capabilities and offers. Since it first began seven years ago, AWS manages to top itself in each successive year at re:Invent with new innovations.


Daryl Harrington is Director of Cloud Solutions.