Running on AI Time

Running on AI Time

Of all the technologies driving digital transformation today, AI has often been deemed as the most disruptive technology of a generation. It has made the transition from a future technology to one that organizations are eager to adopt. IDC forecasts 75% of commercial enterprise apps will use AI by 2021.

Test Before You Invest: The A100 POC Program Arrives Soon

For organizations who are deploying AI now, NVIDIA’s DGX Systems are purpose built for its complex challenges. As the world’s most powerful GPU computing platforms, DGX systems set a new bar for enterprise AI infrastructure and next-gen data centers.

We’re excited to be a select solutions provider for the DGX A100 complimentary loaner access/POC program, allowing our customers to test before they invest. From data analytics to training to inference, the A100 is the world’s most advanced system for AI workloads. The unprecedented compute power of NVIDIA’s DGX A100 delivers the fastest time-to-solution, allowing users to tackle challenges that were previously not possible. For more details on the technical specifications and capabilities of the A100, check out our recent blog.

AI Solutions Making An Impact

Our data and AI practice has been running on full speed this year with numerous other notable milestones and activity:

  • GPUs for COVID-19. With the onset of COVID-19 in March, we set aside our DGX-1 GPU farm consisting of multiple NVIDIA V100 (32GB) GPUs and offered the complimentary use of it as a resource to researchers who specialize in drug discovery for COVID-19. We were thrilled to support several US universities who took us up on the offer.
  • DGX. Our DGX resources were also leveraged by Radium to do model training and software benchmarking. Additionally, Crunch MediaWorks, whose focus is video AI enhancement, object detection and upscaling, leveraged the DGX to train their model.
  • AI for genomics. Our data and AI team also partnered on an AI solution for genomics researchers. In collaboration with NVIDIA, HPE and WekaIO, the solution can accelerate outcomes 30-50x faster than other offerings. It features NVIDIA’s Parabricks, a computational framework supporting genomics applications from DNA to RNA. Our AI Technical Support Engineer Ben Siegel talks about the solution in this video.
  • Compute power for ocular research. Researchers at the University of Miami who build diagnostic tools for several ocular and systemic conditions using ML algorithms were often falling short on computing power due to the large sizes of the medical datasets. They had tried the use of general cloud computation platform providers and also niche services for ML computations. After using the computing services of Groupware Technology for over a month, the researchers happily reported that Groupware “swept the floor” compared to other solutions.
  • Kubernetes cluster. The team has been working on developing three different full-scale Kubernetes cluster solutions with Iguazio, Dkube and DeepOps.

For additional information on our data and AI capabilities, check out this video.

The A100 is available now! Test before you invest. Sign up now to get complimentary access to the A100.

The Data & AI Team consists of: Amrinderpal Oberai, Ben Siegel, Ben Lee and Vincent Hwang