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Rapid Access to Flexible, Cost-Effective IT Resources

Choose your cloud-enabled future. We provide a clear and strategic path to the right cloud solution for your business.

Cloud Services

Factors in Cloud Decision Making

  • People and Processes
  • Flexibility
  • Manageability
  • Portability
  • Security and Risks
  • ROI and Time to Value
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Public Cloud Services

Simpler, more cost-effective cloud-ready solutions. Utilize our public cloud on-boarding services to protect your assets, smooth transitions and speed time to value.

Fast access to low-cost IT resources with AWS

  • On-boarding guidance and training
  • AWS Assessment
  • Packaged offerings to simplify both billing and usage tracking
  • End-to-end support

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Manage applications in the cloud your way for optimal productivity

  • Deployment and configuration support for applications using any language, tool or framework
  • Integration and automation with existing IT environments for hybrid capability
  • Cost optimization and licensing support

Download Azure Workshop Datasheet

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services

If portability, security, flexibility and the ability to seamlessly connect to other cloud resources are vital to your cloud initiatives, hybrid cloud models offer the most benefit to cloud adopters.

Use the AWS Cloud your way

We partner with cloud-native providers who offer flexible, low-cost IT resources and we can help architect hybrid solutions that optimize performance and availability of public and private services.

Maintain control with the ability to mix cloud resources. Evolve faster with NetApp, AWS and Groupware.

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Private Cloud Solutions

A pre-configured private cloud infrastructure will keep IT and line-of-business teams focused on strategic initiatives. We want our customers to spend their energy on leveraging cloud capabilities to meet objectives—not on building a scalable cloud infrastructure.

Flexibility AND Control—Why Private?

In a private cloud environment, IT maintains control of the cloud infrastructure and delivery of IT services and businesses are able to meet dynamic requirements with cloud-scale capabilities. Building a private cloud system in house can result in disproportionate use of IT resources and budgets.

  • Operational ROI
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Better security control
  • Maintain control and reduce risks

Turnkey Private Cloud

Expertly architected for roll-in, plug-in deployment on premises, LIGHTHOUSE private cloud is a secure, scalable cloud platform that can be deployed in weeks to accelerate innovation and time to value.

A Cloud Platform Built to Fast Track Innovation and IT Efficiency

  • Accelerate deployment and simplify management
  • Lower TCO with FlexPod optimized for Microsoft software
  • Deploy LOB applications, engineering, DevTest and QA workloads
  • Automate and orchestrate workloads to enhance productivity
  • Increase security, agility and infrastructure utilization
  • Ensure minimal disruption via validated migration plan

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