Lighthouse Private Cloud

Deliver Cloud Computing Capabilities FASTER

Lighthouse Private Cloud

Prudent investment decisions and flawless execution are critical in this era of rapid change. Cloud delivery models are game-changing. The turnkey solution allows IT resources to focus on business outcomes and gives line-of-business managers’ fast access to a self-service portal that delivers capacity on-demand.

LIGHTHOUSE turnkey private cloud delivers both opportunity and protection in an expedited, safe passage to a new era of flexibility and IT service for accelerated innovation. Architected for automation and scalability, our cloud solution is a secure, ready to consume, roll-in rack that’s purpose built to fast track the realization of private cloud benefits.

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A Cloud Platform Purpose Built to Fast Track Innovation and IT Efficiency


LIGHTHOUSE private cloud is a pre-configured, IaaS platform with standardized integration points to add cloud capabilities to existing IT. Groupware delivers a prebuilt rack that is rolled into the data center or colocation facility. Groupware engineers do some simple integration to get the cloud up and running on site.

Designed for automation and rapid deployment, this secure, scalable cloud rack is an Azure-consistent self-service solution. Get Microsoft Cloud OS functionality in a fully integrated rack built on the FlexPod reference architecture.


  • Cloud-first design, a Microsoft Azure-consistent self-service cloud platform built on the FlexPod reference architecture
  • 42U rack with ready-to-deploy compute, network and storage resources for increasing datacenter capacity
  • Microsoft Cloud OS solution with the flexibility to deploy any type of workload and integrate with Microsoft Azure as needed
  • Simple, layer 3 10G handoff with a short form to fill out for defining the environment
  • Self-service private cloud solutions that deploys in days/weeks

Download LIGHTHOUSE White Paper



secure cloud platform

Why Lighthouse

cloud computing



Business Agility

  • Accelerate cloud transition to speed time to market and enhance business outcomes

Reduce costs and increase ROI

  • Optimize your OPEX/CAPEX mix and IT budgets while accelerating ROI on technology investments

Enable Adaptive IT

  • Enable seamless, real-time allocation of IT resources in alignment with business needs and goals
  • Focus IT resources on IT efficiency and business outcomes
hybrid cloud capability


Reduce Risk

  • Keep valuable assets on premises on a secure, scalable, validated cloud laaS
  • Fully integrated Microsoft Cloud built on FlexPod reference architecture (Cisco & NetApp)

Increase Elasticity

  • Highly scalable laaS with hybrid cloud flexibility
  • Azure-consistent self-service portal which easily extends to Azure
private cloud infrastructure


Improve Agility and User Satisfaction

  • Deploy apps in a secure software-defined environment, designed for automation / orchestration
  • Optimized for Windows and Linux workloads and uses standard Microsoft API and management frameworks

Improve Deployment Quality

  • More effectively leverage DevOps toolsets, Cloud APIs and speed DevTest cycles
  • Provide self-service portal, Microsoft API and management framework for users

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