IT integration services, rack integration services

Pre-Configured, Fully Virtualized Racks

Our integration team will deliver fully integrated and tested infrastructure solutions to your data center—ready to deploy.  Our IT integration services allow data center and operations managers to speed utilization of new capacity and our project management team will ensure on-time delivery and seamless integration.

Rail kits, brackets, racks, cables, burn-in, imaging, cages, global logistics, crating, shipping, etc.—for most of our customers, these are not their core expertise.  When it comes to flexible Rack and Roll infrastructures—WE DELIVER.

IT Integration services, rack integration services

Groupware IT Integration Expertise

  • Hardware Configuration, Integration and Testing
  • Software Burn-in and Imaging
  • Power and Network Cabling
  • Asset Management
  • Global Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Multi-Vendor Management
IT integration, rack integration services

Rack Integration with Rack and Roll

End-to-End Management and Complete Rack Integration

Rack and Roll integration of preconfigured, fully virtualized racks help expedite technology changes, additions and updates for data center and operations managers. Rapid deployment of supported and tested infrastructure speeds the realization of results.

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Rack integration, rack integration services, IT integration

Contract Manufacturing

Built to Spec. Quality Assured. On Budget. Every Time.

Our team of engineers, logistics specialists and account managers deliver quality assured server, storage and networking technologies at speeds your demanding customers require.

Completely integrated, quality products or components, built to spec to streamline your supply chain.

Design > Build > Deliver > Manage

IT integration

Private Cloud

Speed Time to Value with Rapid Cloud Deployment

IT managers are looking to right size their data centers with just-in-time expansions to maintain competitiveness and save on capital expenses.

We answer the call for rack and roll deployment of cloud infrastructure models.  Rapid provisioning of new compute resources and applications for cloud or other deployments can be a strategic advantage, keeping costs low while increasing competitiveness.

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