Solve Critical Business Challenges with Groupware Technology, HPE and NVIDIA -(Rescheduled)

AI is the most disruptive technology of our time, unlocking new frontiers across all industries and solving what was once unsolvable. In healthcare, from medical imaging to analyzing genomes to discovering new drugs, the adoption of AI promises to deliver new efficiencies and possibilities, empowering physicians, clinicians and researchers passionate about improving the lives of others to do their best work.

You are cordially invited to join Groupware Technology, HPE and NVIDIA for the exclusive “Solving Critical Business Challenges with AI” seminar. Join our experts as they explore use cases of AI applied to complex problems in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Find out how you can adopt AI best practices and avoid pitfalls as your business embarks on its own journey with this transformative technology.


NOTE: This event is being rescheduled due to a speaker conflict. Please check this site for the future date or contact: [email protected]