Bringing Teams Together with Terraform Cloud

In my previous blog post, I introduced Terraform. We will continue in that theme and look at Terraform Cloud in this blog post.   Why Terraform Cloud? In its default state, Terraform CLI uses a local workflow, performing operations on the workstation where it is invoked and storing state in a local directory. In enterprise…

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An Introduction to Terraform: Cloud-Agnostic Infrastructure Provisioning

As enterprises continue to embrace the public cloud for their infrastructure needs and invest in innovation, it brings forth a new set of challenges in infrastructure provisioning: How do you evolve your infrastructure in a safe, agile and cost-effective manner? If you are considering a multi-cloud strategy how do you overcome the cognitive overload involved…

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Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform

November 07, 2018 — As businesses shift towards more of a DevOps focused software development methodology, tools that help drive productivity and increase development efficiencies are becoming more and more essential to have. Some tools necessary when shifting methodologies towards DevOps include tools that support containers, microservices, continuous integration & continuous delivery (CI/CD), reliability, monitoring,…

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